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Get affordable dedicated servers in a German data center now


Product Brand Performance HDD-Size Options per month
SD-HP-1240v5 Marke 3,5 GHz 2x 2.000 GB SATA
KVM Remote Management (iLO) 49,99 EUR
SD-i7-6700k Marke 4,0 GHz 2x 256 GB NVMe
45,00 EUR
SD-i7-6700k Marke 4,0 GHz 2x 1.000 GB SATA
45,00 EUR
SD-i7-6700k Marke 4,0 GHz 1x 1.000 GB SATA
1x 2.000 GB SATA
45,00 EUR
SD-i7-6700k Marke 4,0 GHz 2x 240 GB SSD
55,00 EUR
SD-i7-4790k Marke 4,0 GHz 2x 1.000 GB SATA
40,00 EUR
SD-i7-4790k Marke 4,0 GHz 2x 100 GB SSD
40,00 EUR
SD-i7-4790k Marke 4,0 GHz 1x 100 GB SSD
1x 1.000 GB SATA
40,00 EUR
SD-i7-4790k Marke 4,0 GHz 1x 1.000 GB SATA
40,00 EUR
SD-i7-4790k Marke 4,0 GHz 1x 2.000 GB SATA
1x 1.000 GB SATA
40,00 EUR
SD-HP-E2136 Marke 3,5 GHz 1x 480 GB SSD
KVM Remote Management (iLO) 69,99 EUR
SD-VPS-100 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 100 GB
5,00 EUR
SD-VPS-200 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 200 GB
10,00 EUR
SD-VPS-300 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 300 GB
12,50 EUR
SD-VPS-500 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 500 GB
15,00 EUR
SD-VPS-750 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 750 GB
20,00 EUR
SD-VPS-1000 Marke 2,0 GHz 1x 1.000 GB
25,00 EUR

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Dedicated servers with discount prices available at servdiscount.com!

Good server hosting doesn’t need to be expensive. At servdiscount.com you will always find the right Dedicated Root Server for your application. Whether the server is for a Mail Server, Databank Server, Web Server or just simply for a data-backup, Hosting Services from servdiscount.com provide affordable Root Servers. Dedicated Servers offered as Root Servers, provide the quick implementation of your desired platform and control of your data. The servers are hosted from data centers in Düsseldorf, Germany. Rapid deployment of your server will kick start your web presence with your Dedicated Server.

Here you can find our Dedicated Server Offers for rent and to the cheapest price.

New products at servdiscount.com - Cheap Linux VPS

From now on you can rent not only dedicated servers especially cheap at servdiscount.com, but also virtual servers. With our vServer products SD-VPS-100, SD-VPS-200, SD-VPS-300 and SD-VPS-500 you can rent cheap vServers with Linux operating system from servdiscount.com. Furthermore, our vServer offers the Linux vServer a free .de domain and a free backup snapshot. In addition, the vServer's simple cloud feature lets you increase your virtual machine's resources in terms of vCores, RAM, or disk space per day or per month, if necessary. Start now with the new VPS from servdiscount.com.

Worth Knowing...

  • What is a dedicated Server?

    Dedicated servers provide a particular purpose. The server is intended for a network service or multiple permanently operated services. In dedicated hosting, the hardware is provided only for a customer. However, in shared hosting, many individual web presences are bundled on one physical server (hardware). A dedicated server recommends required resources, which are already provided by the respective server in cases where a web project needs these resources. However, the connections to the Internet, the processor speed and amount of RAM are the most important. Just because these resources are not shared, the project affected has enough resource reserves available. These reserves are needed if a lot of hits happen at the same time and the server is required not only view Web pages, but also to handle multiple database queries and computational output.

  • What is the diffrence between Hardware and Software-RAID?

    First of all RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Discs. So you can use RAID, when two hard drives must be part of a dedicated server.

    Here are the advantages you get with RAID:

    • Increased reliability and stability through disk mirroring
    • Higher performance due to faster access to hard drives
    • Defective drives can be replaced easily
    • Easy to manage

    With a RAID-controller hardware, you get the advantage of not having your system overloaded when mirroring hard disks, because the hardware takes over for your dedicated server. Thus, the RAID-controller relieves the overload on the server’s CPU and especially its processing power.

    With RAID software, mirroring is done on the system requiring no extra hardware. Although the dedicated server’s performance is reduced, this variation is less expensive than a dedicated server with RAID-controller hardware.

  • What does Benchmark mean?

    Benchmarking is generally a standardized measurement and an evaluation process, which one can determine the performance of dedicated servers and also compare them. Especially in the field of computer systems, these benchmark-tests are very well known. CPU benchmark-tests are also very popular, they help compare the performance of different types of CPUs. At Servdiscount.com you will find all dedicated servers with CPU benchmark values, in order to effectively compare the performance. The specified CPU benchmarks can be found at https://www.cpubenchmark.net/

  • What does the icon in front of the server represent?

    The icons in front of the offers at servdiscount.com represent a recommendation. This allows you to set the right server for your project; we created this recommendation icon for you to show you the right deal for your objective. This enables us to give you a suggestion, for example, which server is suitable for a Game Server, Web Server or Voice Server.

    Of course you can have other services running on your Dedicated Server, it is merely a suggestion from servdiscount.com


     Recommended for using as Voice- und Streaming-Server:

    Through a balanced relation between CPU and RAM performance, this server has an optimal requirement for the hosting of voice and streaming services.

     Recommended for using as Webserver:

    For those who are looking for a web server, you have just landed a hit. The components of this dedicated server are that much assessed, that it contains every function, which a web server needs.

     Recommended for using as Mailserver:

    This dedicated server is suitable for you best as a mail server. We recommend you to this server because this server is very reliable and has a good performance for the hosting mail server.

     Recommended for using as server with dynamic web content:

    You have a website, which has to show many animations and actions at the same time? We recommend this server, which is perfect for managing dynamic content.

     Recommended for using as Fileserver:

    The servdiscount team recommended this server to you as a fileserver. This server contain lots of cheap hard drives memory, which can be optimally used for storage applications.

     Recommended for using as Gameserver:

    You are looking for a solution that is construed for game server? Then you have just found one. Because of its large performance of RAM and its powerful CPU, this server is perfect for hosting of dedicated game server’s.

     Recommended for using for virtualization:

    Your servdiscount-team recommends this server to you for creating of own virtual instances. Thanks to the Hyper-Threading technology from Intel, an amount of memory, in combination with two hard drives in the RAID array, this server represents an optimal basis for the hosting of vServer.

     Recommended for using as Database server:

    This server represents a very reliable foundation for the hosting of databases by ECC memory and a powerful Intel XEON CPU in conjunction with server-RAID hard drives. Through a solid performance in connection with very high-quality components, also intensive databases with high disposability can be hosted.

  • Can I order the servers as Prepaid?

    If you want to order a prepaid Dedicated Server, all you have to do is take out the check mark where is says “Automatic Contract Renewal”. Depending on the contract period, you can then request your server to be paid in advance (prepaid) so that your contract will not automatically be renew. Certainly we will remind you early enough before the server’s end period, so you can renew it using our interface without any problems.

From January 1st 2015, in accordance with the amended Directive 2006/112/EC, prices inclusive of VAT may vary depending on the country of residence of the customer (by default, the prices displayed are NET in force).

  • "It could not be better! A very good price-performance ration for these dedicated servers plus excellent support"Damon J.
  • "Dedicated Server with High Performance and for an excellent price. Great support on servdiscount.com!"Mikel T.
  • "Quick and present service in case of problems with my dedicated Root Server. Many thanks"Trianclo D.
  • "Best dedicated Server to rent I'd ever had, great support, great performance."Ian M.